What is a VRV System?

VRV is standard for Variable Refrigerant Volume. It is a system that is designed for commercial use. VRV system consists a large outdoor unit that serves multiple indoor units. Each indoor unit uses an electronic liquid expansion valve to control its refrigerant supply to match the demand of the space it serves. The outdoor unit also varies its output to match the demands of the indoor units it serves. Thus, at any point in a system there will be a variable volume of refrigerant flowing.

What are the advantages of VRV systems over other systems in large commercial buildings?

1, Space saving for outdoor condensing units.

2, Higher efficiency especially during heat recovery operation.

3, Large number of indoor units connected to one outdoor unit.

4, Different types of indoor units.

5, Complete temperature control for each area.

VRV systems can be used for cooling only, heat pumping and heat recovery. It is a proven technology which can play a large part in helping integrated building services design to achieve high energy efficiency.