What is a single split system?

A single split system refers to a refrigerated type air conditioner consisting two main operating components. One component is the evaporator (commonly known as indoor unit) which is installed inside the room and one is the condenser (commonly known as outdoor unit) which is located outside the building. Refrigeration pipes or copper pipes are used to connect the two.

Why choose a single split system?

A single split air conditioner is ideal for heating or cooling one area or one room of your house. It is easy to install, great at temperature control and excellent in efficiency.  Split air conditioners come in either Cooling Only or Reverse Cycle (which offers heating and cooling).  A split system also comes in inverters (variable speed compressor) and non inverter or fix speed (single speed on and off compressor). An Inverter is more efficient to run, can achieve desired temperature quicker and quieter to run, also maintain a more stable temperature than a fix speed unit. Cold Bear Air recommends inverter technology for offering greater comfort to your home.

What air conditioner brand should I get?

Each air conditioner brand makes different air conditioners. They offer different functions and features. They are also different in factors such as efficiency, quietness and air flow rate. There is no one air conditioner for all and it depends on what functions and features that individual prefer. Cold Bear Air offers a wide range of air conditioner brands including Daikin, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu, Panasonic, Hitachi, Toshiba, Gree and more. Our sales technicians are able to give you the best choice for your air conditioning need.

Types of indoor unit in single split systems

The indoor unit (evaporator) comes in various types to suit different situations.

Wall mounted type: The most commonly used split system, it is designed in such a way that it mounts top of a wall. It gains popularity from its cost effective install.

Wall Mount Type

Bulkhead type: It is designed to be installed in bulkheads (concealed plaster spaces), usually with linear slot diffusers or bar grille diffusers and return air grilles installed. This type of split system is ideal for those who want the unit to be unobtrusive.

Bulkhead Type

Bulkhead Type

Ceiling cassette type: It is suspended in ceiling with its panel exposed. This is mostly used in commercial application such as offices. It is good at distributing air evenly inside a area with minimum air drafts.

Ceiling Cassette Type

Under ceiling console type: It is again mostly used for commercial purposes, it is famous for its high air flow. Used when cooling performance is the first priority.

Under Ceiling Console Type

Floor Standing type: It is mostly used when limited high wall space available and heating is a priority. Some prefer it as it has a more classic appearance.

Floor Standing Type

Floor Standing Type