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What is a multi split system?

A multi split system is a split system that consists two or more evaporators (indoor units) connecting to one condenser (outdoor unit). Each evaporator (indoor unit) can operate individually. Multi split systems are typically chosen by those who want a number of split systems installed throughout their homes whilst to have as less number of outdoor units as possible.

How many indoor units can be connected to one multi outdoor unit?

Depending on different brands. Some offering more connection to indoor units and some offers less. Generally a 2-6 indoor units can be connected to a single multi outdoor unit. But some brands offer connection of up to 9 indoor units (with the help of branch boxes).


What are the disadvantages of multi split systems over single split systems?

1, The total cost of multi split system units is higher than the total cost of single split units.

2, If multi split outdoor unit fails the whole system stops working.

3, Indoor units can only cool or heat at a time.

4, In some cases, difficult complex installation with longer refrigeration pipes may result reduced system efficiency.

5, Depending on the combination of indoor units to multi outdoor units. Indoor units total capacity may exceed multi outdoor unit capacity (in other words outdoor unit undersized). if this is the case, When all indoor units are turned on at the same time, indoor units cannot reach its designed full capacity and may result insufficient heating or cooling.


What are the advantages of multi split system over single split systems and ducted system?

1, Multi split systems are space saving for outdoor area. One outdoor unit connects to up to 8 indoor units which makes outdoor area a lot more aesthetically pleasing .

2, Multi split systems are more flexible in controlling temperature, air flow and on/off for each room comparing ducted system.

3, Multi split systems allow connection of various type of indoor units to a multi split outdoor unit including wall mounted type,  bulkhead type, ceiling cassette, type, under ceiling console type and floor standing type.

4, Suitable for apartment where there is only one outdoor unit space available.

5, Multi split indoor units can reach higher and reach further than single split system especially for small capacity units. It is ideal for large structure buildings where the distance between indoor and outdoor units are great.