What is a Gas Ducted Heating System?

A Gas Ducted Heating System is a ducted heating system that uses gas combustion process to heat air up before delivering it to each room through ducts/vents. It is generally installed in house roof or under house floor depending on spaces available.

Zoning Control and Add-On Cooling.

Zoning control options are available for gas ducted heating system. It allows you to heat up a part of the house instead the whole house, further reducing the running cost of a gas ducted heating system.

Add-On Cooling system/refrigerated cooling system can be installed to provide refrigerated cooling to your through same vents. Creating best heating and cooling combination for your home.

What are the advantages of gas ducted heating over reverse cycle heating?

1, Cost effective.

2, Better performance. Reverse cycle works less efficiently when outside temperature drops. Ducted gas efficiency remains steady.

3, Instant warmth, ducted gas reaches desired temperature much faster than reverse cycle system do.

4, Comfortable air, ducted gas won’t dry your skin and eyes, it’s a different kind of cosy warmth.

5, Less capable cost than purchasing a ducted refrigerated system.

Energy saving:

Our gas ducted heating manufacture partner produces the highest energy efficiency rating units across all gas ducted heating brands in Australia. Braemar produces units from 3 stars to 7 stars. (Star rating equivalent is based on Australian Gas Association’s results calculated in accordance with the testing methodology in AS4556-2011.)