What is a Ducted Refrigerated Split System?

A ducted refrigerated split system provides unobtrusive and comfortable cooling/heating solutions for you house. Similar to other split systems, it consists of an indoor unit and an outdoor unit connected by copper pipes. In summer, Indoor fan coil unit draws warm air in and cools the air before it gets blown out into each rooms through ductwork and diffusers. The heat absorbed is then transferred to outdoor unit and gets dispersed. Thus cooling in the house is achieved. Similar working concept applies when the system provide heating, the difference is that the indoor and outdoor work in the opposite way.

What is the advantages of ducted refrigerated system over split systems?

1, Unobtrusive diffusers appearance (only diffusers exposed)

2, Even air distribution as air is gently delivered into each room.

3, Uniform temperature throughout whole house.

4, Easy controlling of temperature by one controller.

5, Heating and cooling are delivered by one system.

6, Great energy efficient due to inverter technology and zoning option.

7, Cooling and heating with flexibility using zoning control.