Our Installation Process:

1. Inspection and Design

One of our experienced sales technician will visit your home and carefully listen to you about your heating and cooling needs and Air Conditioning installation request. We will gather all information we need in order to calculate your home’s heat load. Based on the heat load, we can select the right size air conditioner for you. We will recommend the best type of air conditioner for you and show you the suitable places to install the air conditioner, we have a wide range of air conditioner brands and types so we guarantee your choice on air conditioner will be the best one. whilst we inform you about how the air conditioner will be installed in detail. We will also check  if your house meet all requirements including factors like if your house’s power supply is sufficient for the air conditioners to be installed. After that, we will provide you with a detailed and the most competitive quotation.

2. Pre-Installation

We understand how important heating and cooling requirements are to you so when we schedule installation for you, we minimise unnecessary waiting time between quoting and air conditioning installation. Prior to installation, our sales technician will pass all design information to our technicians, installers and electricians so during our installation, all installation work will be carried out smoothly.

3. Installation

Our fully qualified and licensed technicians, installers and electricians will arrive at your place at the scheduled installation time, we double confirm with you on the installation details. During installation, we use drop sheet and take extra care of your furniture, white walls and carpets. After the completion of installation, we run a full commissioning procedure to ensure unit running properly. We also demonstrate how to use the air conditioners. After all, we use our own vacuum cleaner to clean up ducts and waste materials to leave you a clean home. At Cold Bear Air, all our installers and electricians are fully qualified and licensed, we carry out all our work comply with Australian Refrigeration Council requirements and Victorian Builder’s Association standards.

4. Warranty and Ongoing Service

We care about how you think about our service and installation, after every job, we will either call you or email you to follow up on how you think about your experience with us. We will answer all questions you may have on the air conditioners installed. Cold Bear Air provides six (6) years comprehensive workmanship warranty on our installation. All our quality products has a minimum five (5) years manufacture warranty. Our service department will act promptly if you have any issue with our installed air conditioners and leave you a peace of mind.

If you are building your house and you are at your preliminary designing phase for your new home, this is the good time to get advice on heating and cooling options as most air conditioners require the pipe, ductwork or even units installed during rough in stage (during the building process).

Ducted air conditioning floor plan design for new houses

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